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Kathy Lee Wei Wei

Personal Assistant to
Jennifer Yap & Cheah Hau Teong

You would think that being at a company for 14 years would result in some staleness creeping in and most people would be looking for greener pastures but not Kathy Lee Wei Wei as she is not like “most” people.

Kathy reckons that her work as a Personal Assistant to 2 bosses is highly challenging as she also plays a role in helping agents at J Group to achieve goals and targets plus providing vital support services to the agency’s all important clients.

A typical day at J Group would see streams of agents coming in to submit policies and plans plus a myriad of queries and demands from policy holders which require quick thinking and problem solving skills.

Coming from a Customer Service background during her career at Citibank just after graduation from college and with her long years at J Group, Kathy is highly capable of being a bridge between the aspirations of the agency and the demands of its clientele.

So what made her stay so long at J Group, we asked her?

“Good bosses of course la!” she said with a smile.

“My bosses provide a lot of moral support and they really believe in providing relevant training for agents as well as support staff. Otherwise how to help when difficult questions and situations come up?”

So no friction with other colleagues?


“No la!” she laughed heartily.


“I have wonderful colleagues. We work very well as a team because the general work culture of the firm is very encouraging and supportive. We are all pulling together for the good of the agents as well as our clients”.


Would you encourage others to start a career at Jennifer Yap & Associates?


“Definitely!” she nodded enthusiastically.


“At J Group, agents and support staff are promised more of a career rather than just a job. If you work hard, are eager to learn and absorb knowledge about the insurance industry the managers and bosses in the firm are always ready to teach and guide you. We have a very professional organization at J Group. Training and product knowledge are of paramount importance and as a result many agents here have carved out very successful, long term careers. Moreover the warm, friendly atmosphere at our agency makes it easy for anyone to fit in successfully.”

So there you have it, a long term staff who is happy with her job and the challenges that it provides plus the support of bosses who understands what makes an agency tick like clockwork. It all results in a productive and effective agency.

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