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Susan Loh

Unit Manager 2

In sports, the winning attitude of “Never Say Die” has become the mantra to win a game. Likewise, Susan Loh may be a latecomer in the insurance industry but her dynamism and positive attitude has made her a force to be reckoned with.

To Susan, everyone regardless of their age can be successful. There is no such thing as too late to hit success.  Her story began in 2004 when she decided to go full-time insurance after being a personal assistant to a Group Managing Director of a public-listed company for 14 years.

Being all excited and inspired, she achieved the Million Dollar Round Table award on the first year itself and she was also the 2nd runner-up as the Top Rookie

Thanks to her strict discipline which she learnt from being a General Secretary in Malaysia Ice Hockey Federation. For over 20 years, Susan has been promoting this sports which is now bearing fruits when ice hockey will be featured officially in SEA Games in 2017.

This patience and never say die attitude in sports has spurred Susan to apply the same mentality in her pursuit of excellence in her career – insurance. And there’s no reason for her to stop. She just keeps moving and succeeding!

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