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Making Dreams Come True.

Dreams didn’t come easily for Jennifer. Little did she wonder that one day she would fulfill her dream of setting up her own Prudential agency...

Jennifer Yap
Senior Agency Manager

Do Well, Do Good, Do Right.

For 13 years, Cheah was in the construction industry and went through all kinds of challenges. But he wanted more – to help others, and to do what is well, good and right...

Cheah Hau Teong

Success is limitless.

Imagine working for over 12 hours daily, doing the same routine day in day out for over 5 years – and yet one is still earning a salary and nothing more. That’s exactly what Andrew experienced working in the hotel, and food and beverage...

Andrew Liao
Unit Manager 2

Never Say Die.

In sports, the winning attitude of “Never Say Die” has become the mantra to win a game. Likewise, Susan Loh may be a latecomer in the insurance industry but her dynamism and positive attitude has made her a force to be reckoned with...

Susan Loh
Unit Manager 2

Nothing is Impossible.

“Nothing is impossible” is the business motto of Ooi, and it has become the driving force to success for Ooi. But success didn’t come easily for Ooi in his early stage of his career...

Ooi Meng Yee
Unit Manager 2
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