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Ooi Meng Yee

Unit Manager 2

“Nothing is impossible” is the business motto of Ooi, and it has become the driving force to success for Ooi. But success didn’t come easily for Ooi in his early stage of his career.

His father passed away while he was studying in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). His parents and siblings were not supportive of him when he wanted to be an insurance agent for Prudential in J Group in 2004. They wanted him to make full use of what he studied – to be computer scientist. They doubted Ooi’s capability as an insurance agent because of his quiet predisposition and his time spent with his computer more than people.

But that didn’t stop him from making possible the impossible. And so with patience and determination, he tried to prove them wrong. But luck was not on his side. He met with failure in the first six months in J Group. He persevered and the next six months saw a change of fortune when he charted RM103, 800 sales target. Soon, he was making strides in J Group, achieving Bronze Centurian, Silver Centurian and then Gold Centurian and Million Dollar Round Table. Subsequently, he joined the ranks of Prudential Premier Star Club and was promoted from Executive Wealth Planner to Unit Manager 1 and then 2.

As Ooi will like to soar higher, he constantly reminds the agents, if you have the dream, nothing is impossible!

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