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Cheah Hau Teong

Senior Agency Manager, Founder

“Do well, do good, do right.”

For 13 years, Cheah was in the construction industry and went through all kinds of challenges. But he wanted more – to help others, and to do what is well, good and right.

Hence, in 2002, Cheah ventured into insurance and gradually gained momentum to reach the pinnacle of success. Together with Jennifer, the husband and wife forge a formidable partnership that steers J Group to greater heights to be a 10 million dollar agency.

A man of principle, Cheah walks the talk, delivering what he promises to his clients. And gradually, for 14 years, Cheah leads an illustrious career in insurance, achieving one success after another. From being part of the StarClub going places to Istanbul, Switzerland, Orlando, New York, Athens, Hayman, Paris & Monte Carlo, Egypt, San Francisco and Munich, to the President Club, Cheah was among the Top 12 selected to go places like Las Vegas, South Africa, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro.

Success breeds success. Cheah’s top performance shone when he received Lifetime Million Dollar Round Table Award and Prudential Platinum/Wealth Planner for many consecutive years. His advice to budding agents, “Always learn, unlearn and relearn. Only then will you stay long and excited about the business because there is always something fresh to experience.”

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