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Andrew Liao

Unit Manager 2

Imagine working for over 12 hours daily, doing the same routine day in day out for over 5 years – and yet one is still earning a salary and nothing more. That’s exactly what Andrew experienced working in the hotel, and food and beverage (F&B) industry.

From working as a F&B Manager in an international hotel to a restaurant owner, Andrew was not satisfied with his career. He felt something amiss about his life – spending quality time and fulfilling his dream.

And when his business closed down, he didn’t vent his frustration but instead looked for the silver lining – insurance. He joined J Group in 2005 and together as part of Jennifer’s team, they managed to build dreams together. In the first year itself, Andrew was Prudential Top Rookie 5th position.

Subsequently, he achieved 4 years of Million  Dollar Round Table and 7 consecutive top producing agency and 11 years Premier Star Club. If awards and recognitions are the yardstick of his success, then Andrew is indeed a star but his real award is seeing the personal development of his agents.

That’s right! The ultimate satisfaction is seeing the people he groomed charting success of their own. This, to Andrews, is real happiness.

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