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Jennifer Yap

Senior Agency Manager, Founder

Dreams didn’t come easily for Jennifer. Little did she wonder that one day she would fulfill her dream of setting up her own Prudential agency. Her story was not one from rags to riches. She lived in a big house and just when she thought all were rosy, her father’s trading and food manufacturing business came tumbling down.

With patience and determination to bounce back, Jennifer took a job as a private secretary in a consultant engineering company. As a fast learner seeing her boss making trade agreements, she acquired the tricks of the trade of negotiation and a self confidence of approaching people.

But working as an employee didn’t satisfy her. She wanted to become a boss herself and of course, to help others to stand on their own as a boss too. So seizing the opportunity to be a Prudential agent, she invested her time attending courses and seeing potential clients.

Hence, Jennifer had transformed herself from having zero knowledge to having every A to Z knowledge on Prudential. Within a few months, her earnings shot up to more than double from her previous salary. In just two and a half years, she was promoted to be a rookie unit manager. In 2004, Jennifer was Prudential’s top unit manager with sales over RM3.07 million.

There was no turning back in her dream. In 2016, she steered J Group to successfully be the 1st runner up direct agency nationwide, 2nd runner up convention business nationwide and best of all, it became a 10 million dollar agency! Today, Jennifer believes everyone deserves to be a boss and work together to build dreams together!

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